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We are known for our designs, manufacturing, reliability & innovation. We provide a wide range of products with unique designs. We also develop OEM Products and have worked with Major Brands worldwide: AVON, M&S, H&M, Claire's, Tesco, Nescafe,T-mobile,etc. TINTS Development (H.K.) Ltd - founded in 2010. We are known for our Designs, Manufacturing, Reliability & Innovation. We carry a Range of Products such as our Gifts & Gadgets, Unique Designer Speakers and Clocks, Retro Products, USB Gadgets, Power Banks, Phone Accessories, Selfie Lights, Fitness products, etc^ all which are Great for Gifts, Premium or Corporate Programs! We also assist to Develop OEM Products based on our customers Blueprints or our own Designs!

TINTS is specialized in Developing New OEM Products, as we can manage the entire OEM Process from the start to finish. We start the OEM Projects based on the Buyer's Blueprints, Product Concepts. We also assist to Develop Customized Products based on our Unique Designs Tailor-made to suit your Product concept and needs. We have worked with Major Brands worldwide, such as AVON, M&S, H&M, The Source, Tesco, JC Penney, Claire's, Nescafe, T-Mobile, name some of them. We work on ODM manufacturing as well.

The Journey of TINTS has been a successful one, with the Main office having been established in HK and an office located in China, Shenzhen. We have Strong Team members working closely and striving to achieve great heights of success together. We also Established a Factory in Guangdong, China, to further improve on our product quality, cost-effective manufacturing, delivery speed and reliance.

We at TINTS have experience for Shipping Worldwide and the knowledge on the ever changing government regulations, factory compliance requirements, and other restrictions based on every country.
We also have always believed in Experimenting with different kinds of Materials when creating our New Product Designs. We have experience with "Bamboo Electronics, Ceramic Speakers, Silicone based products, PU Purse with Power Banks^etc.

We are currently focusing on the market trends with Virtual Reality Products, Fashion meets Electronics, Fitness and Mobile accessories for the "Selfie Craze" world which we live in today. This 2017, we are coming up with New and Exciting Products to entice our Buyers and we keep our Buyers updated from time to time by email.

We had been creating a line up of Products which combine into Gadget ideas and Environmental friendly means, such as "Multi function products" and "Bamboo Electronic Products" to be able to educate our new generations and control the environmental wastage too. Please send us your queries to learn more.